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Who we are

Pamoja for Transformation is a national peace and development organization. It is registered in Kenya as a trust and in Liechtenstein as a non-profit association. There are no statutory links between Pamoja Kenya and Pamoja Liechtenstein. Donations raised by Pamoja Liechtenstein go to Pamoja Kenya, which delivers and implements all projects.

Pamoja was founded in Nairobi in 2009 by a team of politically-independent Kenyan peace practitioners with the vision to support communities affected by violent conflicts to rebuild their lives toward a peaceful future. The founders are strong believers in restorative justice, non-violence and transformative dialogue approaches to conflict transformation. 

In 2014 Pamoja expanded its work and started covering issues related to governance, decentralization/devolution and economic empowerment. Today, Pamoja is one of Kenya’s leading organizations on community safety, peace and conflict transformation.

Organizational Profile

Its highest body is the Board of Trustees, which meets at least three times a year and issues the Articles of Association. The board is responsible for issuing the policy guidance, strategy and approving the annual budget. The Head Office in Nairobi, Kenya, is responsible for planning, implementing and supervision all projects and programs. 

Governance and Management

Principles of good governance

Pamoja is committed to principles of good governance for responsible management, control and communication under the Trust Act in Kenya

Governing board of Pamoja for Transformation e.V., Liechtenstein
Its highest body is the General Assembly, which meets once a year. The office in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, is responsible for technical program assistance, project monitoring, and fundraising.

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