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Thank you for Supporting our work

Donation Accounts

Pamoja for Transformation Trust, Kenya

Account Name: Pamoja for Transformation Trust
Bank: Cooperative Bank of Kenya
Account number: 01128635261807
BANK address: P.O Box 4260-00100 Nairobi
Branch: Greenhouse mall 
Branch Code: 153

Pamoja for Transformation e.V., Liechtenstein

Account name: Pamoja for Transformation e.V.
Bank: Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG, Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Account number.: 5475.6939.2001
IBAN: LI52 0880 0547 5693 9200 1

FAQs about Donations

Do I receive a donation confirmation?

Yes, we are a non-profit organization that has tax-exempt status in Liechtenstein and Kenya. For donations above CHF 100 / KES 10,000, you receive a donation confirmation 

Is my donation really used for the project selected?

0.3% of donations raised are spent for administration and fundraising by Pamoja Liechtenstein / Europe. The rest is spent by Pamoja head office in Kenya.

Is Pamoja audited externally?

Yes, In Kenya, the accounts and the financial statements are audited by Wamira & Associates LLP, who are Certified Public Accountants. In Liechtenstein, the accounts and the financial statements are audited and approved by Presenta Treuhand- und Verwaltungs-Anstalt, Vaduz. Copies of both audited financial statements are available on

What is Pamoja's legal form?

 Pamoja is a registered trust in Kenya and a registered association in Liechtenstein.


How is Pamoja funded?

Pamoja is dependent on donations. Most of the income generated is for a specific purpose, which means that Pamoja can only use it for a specific project. The most significant donors are governments, foundations along with associations, non-profits and individuals.

Contact us

Head Office Kenya

You can reach Communication & Administration, directly at or +254 205 260 261


Office Liechtenstein

You can reach trustee and board member, directly at or +41 78 840 73 63.

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