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Our working principles, how we measure success and our commitment to transparency

Working Principles

Partnering for impact

We bring people together across divides to find sustainable solutions to overcome violence and poverty. We work witha wide range of partners at all levels of society, including the national and county government, the police, civil society organisations, grassroots communities, religious and business leaders and council of elders. 


Supporting community-led change

We support and empower local communities to drive social change and implement their own solutions, because

communities are the best agents of their own change. We invest in and strengthen community systems and structures to drive and sustain home-grown solutions.


A holistic approach to peace and development

We promote holistic approaches that link peace and violence transformation with development to effectively address the underlying drivers and root causes of violence and poverty. We acknowledge the interconnectedness of issues and endeavour to bridge all gaps through linkages.


Measuring Results

As a learning organization, Pamoja is keen to find out precisely what impact its projects have. This enables Pamoja to learn from success and failure, plan future projects better and show accountability to the communities it serves as well as to partners and donors. Pamoja learns from its daily work in different ways, for instance by regular review and reflection forums to assess what went well and what could be done better.


Over the past years, Pamoja has built a monitoring and results measurement (MRM) system into all its projects. This system measures qualitative and quantitative indicators, covering outputs, outcomes, impact, partners and efficiency.


Pamoja received technical support and advise to develop a MRM framework from external MRM advisors. Pamoja works towards aligning its MRM framework to global good-practice standards, such as the Donor Committee on Enterprise Development (DCED) Standards. 


Pamoja adheres to the Initiative Transparent Civil Society by Transpareny International. Signatories of the Initiative voluntarily commit to publishing ten pieces of information about their organisation on their website. This includes the statutes, the names of the principal decision makers as well as data on the sources of funds, the use of funds and the personnel structure.



Our Programs

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