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We train and advise local women and men in Kenya to solve problems in their communities related to violence, community security, and lack of economic opportunities. We work on projects in rural and urban areas at the Coast, in Western and Nairobi. We attach particular importance to training and skills development in the areas of civic rights and duties, electoral processes, as well as business development. All projects contribute to the goal of reducing disparities and improving the safety and socio-economic situation of disadvantaged communities.



Our Programs

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Skills and Enterprise Development

We provide poor and marginalized women and youth with the knowledge, skills, capital, and networks to expand their business, boost their income, create employment opportunities for others, and participate in household and The program seeks to enhance the economic productivity of disadvantaged women and youth led MSME’s, by facilitating skills development, wealth creation for resilience and adaptation. We provide technical skills, soft skills, entrepreneurship knowledge, market and financial linkages to strengthen their capacities to increase income, create employment and support livelihoods through technical vocational education and entrepreneurship training. for disadvantaged women The program aims at creating economic independence and interdependence to sustain market and financial access reduced economic vulnerability and promotes responsiveness and resilience at individual and societal levels.

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

The programme aims at building and developing capacity both at the country and community levels to deal with the impacts of climate change, both on adaptation and mitigation. The program focuses on policy and action for resilience building and innovation within the green and blue economy value chains as well as solar and bioenergy renewable energy subsector.

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Peace and Governance

Peace and Governance aims to strengthen accountable service delivery, promote good governance and advance inclusivity, cohesion and intergration. The program works at the nexus between peace and policy development by providing tools and resources for conflict transformation through capacity building, dialogue and mediation among conflict-affected communities.

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