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Theme: "Climate Smart Pathways for Youth Employment in Agriculture”

Agri-Biz Awards and Expo.

The Agri -Biz Awards, is a Pamoja for Transformation’s initiative aimed at creating platforms or pathways for employment from the agriculture activities while also contributing to efforts to combat climate change .

Through the Agri -Biz Awards initiative, Pamoja envisions a world in which women, youth and marginalized communities are included in agriculture, and become key to: ensuring equity; increasing participation in agribusiness and reducing youth unemployment;
promoting livelihood improvement; increasing production; and reducing the impacts of climate change.

By engaging in climate smart agriculture, Kenya is likely to open opportunities for employment of women and youth. Pamoja sees the involvement of youth and women as a game changer in tackling the unemployment crisis.

Our objectives

1). To increase the reach, application and impact of science in agriculture and to the environment .
2). To reduce inequality through better opportunities for rural women and youth by providing avenues
for training, linkages, marketing, financing and mentorship for youth Agri-ventures.
3). To improve the food security and livelihoods of farmers thus promote and create new employment
opportunities that encourage, inspire and celebrate youth in Agriculture.
4). To safeguard biodiversity and support the sustainable use of natural resources by rallying youth
to adopt Climate Smart Agriculture Approaches.
5). To advocate for and influence policy towards making agriculture attractive , sustainable and
profitable to youth by prioritizing and budgeting.


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